3D printing used to shape artificial bones

Most likely you´ve already heard of 3D-printing, but have you also heard that 3D-printing can be used to shape artificial bones that can be used instead of bone transplantation. It appears to act like natural bones and they call it hyper-elastic bone.

It has not yet been tested on humans, but when the material was tested in a monkey, the bone fused to the animal’s skull, and new blood vessels grew into it, the team at Northwestern University said according to NBC News. They also tell that the implant fully integrated with the monkey’s own skull. They even tell that there was evidence of new bone formation.

If everything goes like they hope it will, they´ll gain permission to test the implants in people within the next five years.

The new hyper-elastic bone materiel is cheap and it´s useful for spine, skull and jaw injuries, they said.

Currently the best way to do bone transplantation is to use bone from another part of the patient or from someone who died. These transplantations are often painful and they do not always heal well according to the team.

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