Apple is trying to stop free music on Spotify and Youtube

Most users of Spotify are using a free plan to stream music from the web to their computer or smart phone. But there are still some users who are using the paid plan when they listen to music from the internet.

Apple has now started pressuring major music labels to force Spotify to abandon free streaming. This means that Apple want labels to refuse to renew Spotify’s licence to provide music for nothing. This is what technology site The Verge claims.

Apple now owns Beats Electronics, a streaming service like Spotify. They bought is for 3 billion dollars and the report comes ahead of a planned relaunch of the Beats streaming service, so it looks like Apple is afraid to lose too many users to Spotify.

But it´s not only Spotify they are afraid of. According to a report Apple has also offered Universal Music to pay the money they receive from Youtube if they stopped showing their videos on Youtube.

According to Sky News subscription-based music revenues are rising rapidly, while downloads started falling for the first time last year.