Apple´s iCloud is under attack

Apple´s iCloud is very smart because Apple users can store their files like photos, videos and music “in the cloud”. That means they can save space on their computers, tablets and phones, because the files are stores on internet connected servers. It´s smart, but is it also safe?

The iCloud network is now under attack. It´s one of the “man-in-the-middle” attacks, where hackers try to steal the users information by putting a fake website between the user and the real website, which the users are aiming to visit.

The attack comes when users try to login to their account on iCloud. The system is very secure, but in some cases the users get a message that their browser can´t verify the identity of the website. This is where the users iCloud login ID and password could be stolen by the attackers, if the user doesn´t take care.

Apple has posted some examples of what the users should look out for in all the major browsers to make sure that they are safe.