Atlanta will soon have the fastest internet speed in the U.S.

Soon Atlanta will have the fastest internet speed in the America according to

The company, Comcast, offers the fast internet connection starts in Atlanta area with 1.5 million people, but at the end of this year (2015) they will make their 2-gigabits-per-second Gigabit Pro service available to about 18 million people.

Regarding the prices the company doesn´t tell anything about this, but since it would involve putting fiber optic cables in customers’ homes the prices could turn out to the expensive.

This means fast internet if you live in the right place and if you have the money.

“Everybody else ought to be very patient and skeptical about Comcast spreading its new Gigabit Pro service across the country.” (A man in Washington State says he had to sell his house after Comcast misled him about its ability to provide service.)