Black is the new blue at Google – But people see red

Google is often running some small scale experiments when it comes to the design of the result page. The reason why they are doing this is to find out what people like the most.

This time Google has done something unexpected – or at least unexpected to most of the online users who has been “victim” of the “new blue”.

Google has made the blue hyperlinks, that used to turn into purple when visited, into black – Yes, black! This is not the best thing Google has done for some time according to some users of Google.

This is what some users wrote according to

“Bad Google. Bad Google,” tweeted one user. “You crazy,” wrote another. Others were baffled by the move, commenting that they found it difficult to review the history of links they had already clicked.

Blue is a color used by many of the big internet sites. Facebook uses blue because Mark Zuckerberg is colorblind and blue is one of the only color he can see in it full spectrum. Twitter is blue because of the blue bird flying in the sky… And so on.

Before Google found the right blue color they tested 41 different blue colors – Hopefully the black color is easier to test for Google.