Danish MPs on trip Russia – No smartphones, tablets and computers for a week

When the Danish parliament’s foreign policy committee visits Russia they have been asked to leave all smartphones, tablets and computers at home for the sake of safety.

“Goodbye smartphone,” former Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard of the Social Liberal Party said in a post on Facebook.

“On the way to Russia with the Foreign Policy Committee, where we have been advised not to bring gadgets for the sake of safety,” Lidegaard wrote.

According to new researches the threat from cyber crime against Danish authorities and companies continues to be “very high”.

If we look back we´ll be able to see that Danish ministries have been attacked several times in 2015 and 2016 by a foreign, state-sponsored hacking group, a cyber security unit within the defense ministry said in a February report.

It might not be easy for the Danish parliament’s foreign policy committee as well as for Nick Haekkerup of the Social Democrats, Denmark’s main opposition party, to manage without internet, mails and social media for a week, but better safe than sorry.

“I’m traveling with the Foreign Policy Committee and have for security reasons been asked to leave everything like iPhone, iPad or similar at home,” Haekkerup said.