Don´t trust every review you read online

It´s very normal and you most likely do it before you buy something on the internet or even before visiting a new restaurant in real life. Reading reviews on the internet has become more normal the latest years, but you have to take care before trusting each and everyone on the internet.

The problem here is that most people really do rely on reviews on the internet even though many of them are fake made by the company itself or someone the company has hired for the job.

It´s not the biggest deal if you i.e. want to go to a restaurant because you have heard something great about it in a review on the internet that´s fake, but it´s really a big problem if you have heard something good about a babysitter in your town on the internet, and the review is fake or scam. Then your family safety is at risk and nobody wants that.

It´s also seen that some companies write fake negative fake reviews about competitors so that they look bad on these internet sites.

It´s not easy to say if a review is real or fake, but the more reviews you read the easier it is to say what´s real and what´s not. The real ones are often more specific when it comes to explaining about the store or restaurant i.e.

At last it´s important to use your common sense – especially on the internet where some people don´t have the same morality as they might have in the real life.