Facebook is visited via mobile 8 out of 10 times

The king of social networks, Facebook, is seeing more mobile users on their site than ever. It´s getting more and more popular skimming through Facebooks newsfeeds on the mobile meaning that 8 out of 10 people use their mobile phone when they are logging into Facebook.

According to nbcnews.com Facebook had 1.39 billion monthly active users as of Dec. 31, and 1.19 billion of them were mobile users. Facebook has 890 million people who use Facebook daily and nearly 84 percent do this on a mobile device.

A new thing on Facebook is video ads. It begun last year and many investors are betting that video ads will grow very huge and even become the company’s next leg of growth.

According to nbcnews.com Facebooks Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, says that the company now has 3 billion video views on Facebook per day.

“From the advertising side, that give us an opportunity to do more monetization because our ad products always follow our consumer products. When consumers do more video we have the ability to do more video ads,” Sandberg said in a post-earnings interview with CNBC.