Facebook launches “Watch” – a new streaming service

Watch serviceFacebook is a huge social network, and with 1.9 billion users they do have a lot of power on the internet. Facebook has more users than any country in the whole world, which makes Facebook even more powerful than ever.

Soon Facebook will launch a new service called “Watch”, and with the power of Facebook they will challenge other big services like YouTube og Netflix.

The new service “Watch” will be launched in USA first, but soon rest of the world will be able to use the service as well. The idea of “Watch” is that Facebook´s many users shall be able to watch TV on Facebook.

The service will make chatting with other users that are watching the same program possible, and according to Mark Zuckerberg it will be possible to join groups that deals with your favorite program, so that you can share your thoughts with other people having the same interests.

As a starting point Facebook will show sport like basketball from the American League as well as programs from National Geographic, but as seen with other Facebook projects the development of “Watch” can take off very quick, so we might be able to see the new “Watch” service very soon all over the world. “Watch will become a place where you can discover programs that your friends watch or follow your favorite program so you do not miss any episodes. It will also be possible to chat with other users during the TV shows, and afterwards it will be possible to join groups whose members like the same program,” Mark Zuckerberg writes.