Facebook option: Pick someone to manage your account after you die

It´s now possible for US users of Facebook to pick someone that will be able to manage their account after they die. Until now accounts were “memorialized” after death, or locked so that no one could log in.

According to Facebook their users wanted more choice and now Facebook has fulfilled the users wish with this new option making it possible to choose a Facebook user to post on their page after they die. This person will also be able to respond to new friend requests and update their profile picture and cover photo.

Facebook says they will do what they can so that the dead user doesn´t show up in “suggested friend” or in other ways do things that could upset the loved ones.

According to NBC New York the person that has been chosen to take over the Facebook account after the dead won´t not be notified right away, but if you like you can sent them a message about it.

Even though Facebook won´t tell how many accounts are memorialized, manager Vanessa Callison-Burch tells that there have been many requests from loved ones to do so.