Facebook works hard to avoid fake profiles

FacebookWhen something grows as big as Facebook, it´s hard to believe that no one will try to make fake profiles to achieve something like i.e. gaining power at an election.

Facebook is constantly working on making the social network as safe to use as possible. Lately they announced that they will strengthen the normal ad review progress when it comes to political ads.

This time at the runup to the German election Facebook has been forces to delete tens of thounsends of fake accounts – simply to avoid disinformation and make Facebook a safer, more secure environment to use for the real users of Facebook.

Facebook has over the past few years made reporting fake news a lot easier for users. Along with the new strategy Facebook also revamped the whole system so that it´s a lot harder for fake users to spread the fake news on Facebook.

These fake users do know how to get into abuse Facebook, but Facebook do as well know how to get rid of the fake users systematically.

Facebook has recently announced that they have found that a lot of fake activity was tied to Russian operatives. 100.000 U.S. dollars has been spent on fake ads during the U.S. Presidential Election. Most of these fake ads didn´t directly reference the U.S. Presidential Election, but instead they focused more on race and immigration issues along with gun rights.

This is a way of trying to cheat Facebook, but the social network of all times sure does know how to handle this stuff.

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook release the Russia-linked ads to Congress.