Fake online profiles can now lead to jail

It´s about time that online crime, like when people create fake online profiles, leads to more serious costs for the offender.

According to some new U.K. Guidelines people who create fake online profiles with the intent to harass, humiliate, or “troll” others could soon face criminal charges.

It can have big costs and as well be very upsetting for the victim of online crime and it should lead to jail if the offender does create a profile by the name of another person pretending to be that person just to humiliate him or her.

Many of us have been victims of online crime – maybe even without knowing about it. According to NBC News one fourth of us have actually been involved in online crime somehow, and that´s despite of the fact that Facebook and Twitter currently have systems in place to weed out and suspend users with “impostor accounts”.

Many online companies are taking the fact that online crime are so widespread quit seriously, but although they do know about it only half of them actually has a plan in place, and only one-fifth has insurance to cover any online breach.

Financial loss can be very serious to a company, but can be insured and recovered. The damage to its reputation can maybe never be restored and it´s much more serious.