Fatal shooting accident on gun range by 9-year-old girl

A 9-year-old girl accidentally but fatally shot an instructor to the head with a machine gun. It happened when she was lost control over the machine gun on a shooting range that caters in part to tourists visiting nearby Las Vegas.

The accident is being viewed as an industrial accident. It was recorded on video and it reveals that the instructor, Vacca, was encouraging the girl and asking her to squeeze off one shot. A moment later she was giving “full auto” and Vacca was shot to the head because of the recoil from the machine gun.

There are many opportunities in the US if you want to go fire a machine gun. As an example Arizona Last Stop has a “Burgers and Bullets” where you can eat your lunch and then take a trip to the range. According to their website you will have to be 8 years old to enter the range.

Bob Irwin, who owns the Gun Store in Las Vegas, says that there´s no way that a child ever should handle a machine gun like this.