Father threw daughter into Tampa Bay

A father of a 5-year-old girl is now facing first-degree murder charges after throwing his child into Tampa Bay. The girl fell about 60 feet over the Sunshine Skyway bridge into the bay where she was pulled from the water by rescuers, but the girl died from drowning on an early Thursday morning.

A St. Petersburg police officer saw the father throwing the daughter into the water. The police officer passed the father on the bridge on his way home from work. The father was driving fast and once he had reached the top of the bridge he went out of the car. The police officer pulled his weapon, but that didn´t stop the father from pulling out his daughter from the car – throwing her into the water.

Deputies managed to stop the father with traffic spikes.

The father was arrested and brought back to St. Petersburg for questioning. He’s being held without bond on the murder charge.

The police who was questioning the father said that he really didn´t want to talk.

The father filed a domestic violence report against the child’s mother last month according to the police, but it wasn’t granted. He had custody of the girl and they lived with his father.

Two fishermen, close to the crime scene, were asked by a member of law enforcement if they would lend a hand in the search of the girl. They received a call from another search crew 40 minutes later that they found the body of the girl.