Gmail now out with new feature – Undo send Email

We have all tried something like this; you write an email – send it – and suddenly you realize that you forgot something very important. Or even worse you have been writing something you truly regret.

A new feature at Google´s mail, Gmail, is now making it possible to “bring back” the email you wrote – and send. The feature is called “Undo Send” and it has actually been around for a while, but it has been hidden away in the Labs section of Gmail’s settings since about 2009.

The feature does exactly what it tells; it let you as undo the email for a short while. It isn´t so that it is snatching back the email from the receiver, but it holds the e-mail back for a short while so that you can regret and undo the sending of the email.

It is so that the feature will remain turned off if you didn´t use the beta version of the feature, but if you would like to use it in the future you can simply head to the General tab in Gmail’s settings and tick the “Enable Undo Send” checkbox. You’ll also be able to set how long Gmail will hold a message before actually sending it.