Gmail users – Be aware of Gmail phishing scam

Google´s Gmail is sure quit safe to use, but as for many other web apps there has been attempts from sophisticated hackers trying to get access to accounts o Gmail.

The latest fishing scam on Google´s Gmail deals with the fact that hackers sent out false emails that looks like they happens to be sent by a friend of yours. These emails can even contain a picture of your friend, and when you try to enlarge the picture in your Gmail a new tab opens and you will be prompted by Gmail to sign in once again. This is where you will need to pay very close attention to the address bar in your browser, because this new tab doesn´t belong to Google – No, it´s a hacker generated site, and once you try to login again on this new site you will hand over your password to the hackers.

Now that hackers have access to your Gmail they will start to sent out emails from your account containing your information and maybe even your photo.

There is a way to make sure you are not being fooled by hackers, but most online users doesn´t always pay close attention to this:

To protect yourself against this attack, you will need to pay close attention to your browser’s location bar when you’re signing into Gmail. The location bar should read “….” and if you see this and only this, you should be good to go. In this attack, the address in the location bar will include “data:text/html,” before the usual “….”.