Google about to launch buy-buttons in their search results

Google, the giant search engine, is about to launch something new on their search result pages.

It´s all about making people buy as fast as possible on the internet. To make the steps faster Google is about to launch buy-buttons in the search results, and if you buy a lot on the internet you are probably going to like this new feature.

So let´s say you search Google for a particular product. Then you will be able to see a buy-button within Google´s search results. In the beginning the buttons will appear only on sponsored links and they will only be available for mobile users. Later on you might be able to use the feature on your computer as well.

The buy-buttons will guide users to a Google product page like on Amazon. has asked Google if they are transcending search and getting into ecommerce, like Amazon, but Google had “no comment to offer at this time.”

CityNewsWeb will follow the development of this new feature on Google.