Google Earth about to be relaunced

Google EarthGoogle earth is a very smart resource if you want to look at stunning satellite images of the planet we are living on. Google Maps is even more useable if you want to find a route from one place to another.

New features are about to be launched for Google Earth, and invitations sent out this week for a New York City event introducing “the new Google Earth” indicate that the company is far from done with its virtual globe.

The event takes place on April 18, 2017, and according to the invite promises “a first look at the brand new experience”. The entire event is dedicated to Google Earth meaning that there´s many new features to look forward to for all “Google Earth fans”.

Google Earth is today a very smart tool, but there is more to come even though Google already came a long way.

In 2001 Google Earth launched as EarthViewer 3D. Back then it was owned by Keyhole, a CIA-funded firm that Google acquired in 2004. After that Google Earth took it´s “first steps” – first launched for PCs then for smartphones back in 2008.

The Google Earth software, also including a raft of features such as Street View, a sky mode for viewing stars and other celestial bodies, and a flight simulator for PC users, has been downloaded well over a billion times by users around the world.