Google Maps helps you remember where you parked your car

Google MapsThanks to Google you may never have to go through the frustrating situation of forgetting where you have parked your car.

Maybe you are one of those people always remembering where you parked your car, but many people knows about the issue of forgetting where the car was parked – especially if you are going to try to find you car after a few days of parking.

The new feature on Google Maps let you pick the point where you park just by clicking a button on Google Maps app when you park the car. Then you can tell Google Maps to take you back to the exact spot where you´ve parked your car just by clicking the label on the map that was made when you asked Google Maps to remember your spot of parking.

The experience is similar on iOS: just tap the blue dot and select “Set as parking location.” From there, you can tap on the parking label to share it with friends or view photos of your parking area.