Google Play apps infected by malware – more than 500 apps removed

Google PlayGoogle Play is the place where you find your apps if you are on an Android mobile phone.

Lately more than 500 Android apps have been removed from the library after researchers discovered they could have been used to spy on users through a malicious advertising software development kit (SDK).

This is stuff that should be taken very serious, because users personal information is in danger.

Originally the SDK can be tracked back to a Chinese company called Igexin and “apps containing the affected SDK were downloaded over 100 million times across the Android ecosystem,” according to researchers with Lookout’s Security Intelligence team, who alerted Google about it.

Not many of the 500 apps has been officially named, but an app called LuckyCash and Meitu’s SelfieCity were among the infected apps, but they no longer use the malicious Igexin ad SDK, Lookout said.

According to Lookout not many of the owners of the infected apps where aware of this issue.

The rest of the list is not yet revealed, but it includes a popular game targeted at teens that received between 50 million to 100 million downloads; a weather app and photo-editing app, each with at least 1 million downloads; and an internet radio app with at least 500,000 downloads. The list also includes unnamed educational, health and fitness, travel, emoji, and home video camera apps.