Google takes action against Google Docs fishing scam

Google DocsThe big tech giant Google is far from flawless, but when something unexpected happens they are normally very quick to take action.

This time a phishing attack, which imitated the popular Google Docs online file service, was launched. The phishing attack was all about trying to get people to click on a link in an email sending them to a fake Google Docs site that potentially could result in your email archive and contact lists being slurped up in strangers and the same dangerous message being forwarded to everyone in your address book.

Google moved quickly to address the scam and stopped the campaign within approximately one hour. “We protected users from this attack through a combination of automatic and manual actions, including removing the fake pages and applications, and pushing updates through Safe Browsing, Gmail, and other anti-abuse systems,” it explained, in a statement emailed to Fox News.

Using the internet is not always as safe as many of us think, but when surfing it wisely there are mostly nothing to worry about.