Google was owned by Sammy Ved for about a minute

A guy called Sammy Ved has just earned 12,000 dollars from owning the domain for about one minute.

Sammy Ved has later on donated the reward to charity. He requested Google that all of the money should go to the Art of Living India foundation.

It all happened one late night when Sammy was surfing the web and exploring the Google Domains interface. It came to his surprise that the domain actually was listed as available. He purchased the domain for 12 dollars – and for as long as one minute he was the owner of the domain. He did receive an order notification that he now could call himself the owner of the giant domain, but it didn´t last that long.

After about a minute he received an order cancelation from Google Domains that let him know that his new domain was not available anyway.

Sammy was quickly bringing the bug to Google´s attention which made Google initially offer Sammy $6,006.13 (that’s a rough numerical spelling of “Google,” if you use some imagination), but when Google found out that Sammy wanted to donate the entire amount of money to charity they doubled up the amount so that Sammy Ved was able to donate the sum of 12,000 dollars.

Sammy don´t know exactly what caused Google to lose control over the domain, but he has some knowledge about Google because he actually has worked for them few years ago.

He said he reported the incident to Google Security, which eventually led to the reward money.