Google´s translation app now on Skype

Google´s translation app is maybe not the kind of app you find yourself using every day, but it´s a very popular app anyway. Many people find the translation app very useful when they need to understand another language then their own.

A few years ago the app wasn´t that good and accurate, but it has become more and more reliable the last few years meaning that more people are using it to translate any kind of languages.

Skype, that can be used to call for free with online cam, is now launching a new feature that makes it possible for users to understand others even though they speak in a language they don´t understand. This new feature currently only works between Spanish and English for the spoken word, however, the developers are working to introduce as many languages as possible over time.

The feature work in a way so that the program translates the spoken word into instantly translated text appearing as flowing text down the side of the screen.

There is a long way to go before it works like it should, but as the software relies on machine learning, the program will get clever and clever very fast because it learns by itself.

Right now 40,000 people are taking the new feature on Skype for a spin and even more are waiting to try.