Hackers enters vulnerable websites – Be aware of adware

You have to be very careful when you are searching the internet because not every website out there is protected from hackers. This means that these websites are open for malicious hackers to insert Javascript on these non-protected websites.

The latest of these attempts to lure innocent users into downloading malicious software deals with Google Chrome searches. This means that if you search the internet from a Chrome browser and you enter one of the malicious sites, you will not be able to read any text on that website because the hackers have inserted the Javascript on the site. After a few seconds you will see a fake Chrome dialogue box pop up letting you know that you need to download a font package to read the text on the website.

The “font package” which has nothing to do with fonts in this case is really click-fraud adware, which loads hidden ads and clicks on them automatically, putting money in the pockets of those responsible for that malware, explains Bleeping Computer.

This kind of adware isn´t the most dangerous but you really do need to be aware of schemes like this one. The crew behind this one has unleashed far worse things in the past, such as encrypting ransomware.