Hi-tech training tracking is getting very popular

It´s getting more and more popular to do psychical training like indoor cycling, interval training, group fitness classes and other calorie-burning activities in 2015. So the fitness experts say.

But a new thing is that hi-tech devices will be able to monitor how people are doing when they do their training, walk and even when they sleep.

It´s estimated that consumers bought for about 84 millions of tracking devices in 2013 and it will become more popular according to the experts.

More people are doing “back to basics” training like cycling and running according to MyFitnessPal´s data MyFitnessPal is a digital fitness app and online website that tracks the user activities.

Also indoor cycling is hot these days. SoulCycle, a national chain of indoor cycling studios, had a participation increase of 75 percent which they believe will continue in 2015.

Zumba is still used as training method, but it´s not as popular as it has been meaning that it has lost momentum in 2014.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and strength training also jumped up into the top ten last year.

“The last years it’s been (about) going as fast and hard as you can,” said Rebecca Silliman, a spokeswoman for MyFitnessPal. “Now, we’re seeing recovery time built into classes and recovery days, which provide fitness experts and healthcare providers with valuable information,” she said.

“Making that data meaningful will be the next trend,” says Rebecca Silliman according to Reuters.com.