Instagram are about to change – People beg them not to

Instagram is an incredible popular app letting users post their photos and text so that their follower can view this in a reverse chronological order – So far!

Even though Instagram is very popular as it is – they want more.

They´ll try to show the streams of news in an algorithm-based way that would show the “most relevant” content to users first. This is probably a smart way of doing things but: “Don’t fix something that isn’t broken,” Kendall  Jenner, who has 52.6 million Instagram followers, tweeted.

Many of Instagram´s users are afraid that this will make Instagram more confusing to use.

“My tastes, interest and curiosities change every day; if I’m not even sure what´s relevant to me, how will you know?” John Mayer posted on Instagram last week.

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion, and they say that users miss 70% of the content in their feeds, and that´s why they are looking to change the way the feeds are shown to users of the site.

This far only a very small percentage of the users are in “testing mode” meaning that you don´t have to be afraid that anything will change right now.

It could be weeks or months before any news feed changes would roll out more broadly.