Instagram´s new “Stories” has a fan base rivaling Snapchat

Instagram is a very popular image-sharing platform that makes sharing images with followers and friends very easy.

Not very long ago Instagram launched a new feature called Stories. Stories let people share stories, and many people call this feature a Snapchat “copycat”, but even though Stories already has built a fan base rivaling Snapchat.

Instagram has announced that their new feature, Stories, already has 150 million users every single day. According to NBC News that is the same numbers as Snapchat can brag with although Snapchat has kept its user numbers a mystery. However, a Bloomberg report claimed the app had about 150 million daily users.

Kevin Systrom, founder of Instagram, admitted last year to blatantly ripping off Snapchat, telling TechCrunch that “they [Snap] deserve all the credit.”

When something is as popular ad Instagram´s Stories one thing is for sure: Advertisements are coming.

As part of today´s announcement, Instagram introduced a suite of tools for businesses, allowing them access to analytics and of course, the ability to run full page ads in stories, according to NBC News.