Internet safety is important – Your router needs updates

When it comes to internet safety you can never be safe enough, right? I this article we will tell you how you can keep hackers away from your network at home.

Your router – the one gadget in your home witch you don´t pay too much attention to, unless it stops working. If – or when it stops, you usually just turn it off and on again, and then everything is back to normal – or not!

Maybe you don´t know yet, but your router actually needs to be updated quit often – like every third month or so. Newer router can´t be updated – they do this by them self, so that you don´t need to.

Many computer and internet users are not aware that they need to update their routers, and if you’re not regularly updating your router with new firmware, you’re ripe for attack.

Fortunately, updating isn’t hard. The procedure depends on your router, but you typically access an administrator page by simply typing the default IP address of your router in a browser’s address bar.

Common IP addresses for popular routers are for Linksys and D-Link, for Netgear, and for Belkin.  Should none of these addresses work for you, there’s a free app called Fing that can help.

You are able to find the username and password for your router online where it´s available.

Once logged in, find an area called “Advanced” or “Management” to check for firmware updates. Usually, you will have the option to check, review, download and install your router’s new firmware on the same page.

There is more to network security then this, and if you would like to see what you can do to make sure you are all safe, you can watch this video and follow the steps by following this link.

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