Jogger mauled to death by 2 dogs

He was out for a run on a regular day after work when to dogs suddenly attacked him and mauled him to death. It happened in rural Michigan on a quiet, dirty road.

The name of the man is Craig Sytsma and he died 46 years old of his injuries at a local hospital.

The dogs, cane corsos, an Italian mastiff-type breed, where running free on the road. The name “corsos” comes from Latin “Cohors” meaning guardian or protector. The dogs that mauled Craig Sytsma to death where black and brindle in color, well-muscled and aggressive, so it would be a lie to say that they protected him.

The investigation now continues while the Authorities will seek to see if the dogs can be destroyed.

The authorities has not been able to find anyone who remembers any other fatal attacks like this on in the history of at least 50 years.