Lightning connector instead of headphone jack on the next iPhone 7?

When you want to listen to music on you iPhone you normally use the jack-stick to connect your headphones to the phone, but when the new iPhone 7 is being released next fall in 2016, chances are that you will not even be able to find a jack-port on the phone.

Apple is known for inventing new hardware killing the old and that´s exactly what they are about to do here. Instead of using a cable to transfer sound from your iPhone to the headphones Apple will be moving to headphones that draw power from the phone through a Lightning audio connector. Essentially, using the same port that you use to charge your phone.

Androids users will not be able to use the same technology because Apple has proprietary ownership of the Lighting port. But if things turn out like they use to then Android will go ahead trying to do something similar to Apple meaning that you will have to go by a pair of new headphones pretty soon.

Fidelio Headphones may be a step ahead of the game. The company has already designed a set of headphones that uses the Lightning connector to connect to your devices. They are available on Amazon for around $230.