Minivans do a bad job in new crash test

Some of the most popular minivans have now been tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

It shows that only one of the cars that went through the test did a good job.

It was only the minivan from Honda called Odyssey that did well in this test where the front structure of the cars was tested when they collided with an object at 40 miles per hour. “Its structure was damaged, but the dummy was protected from serious injury,” the group said.

One other car, Toyota Sienna, did OK and won the second highest rating in the test. This rating is called “acceptable”. The institute said “its structure was weak, but the dummy was protected by its side air bags.”

All the other cars: Nissan Quest, Chrysler Town and Country and Dodge Caravan did a very poor job and they all got the lowest rating in the test.

There are some good reasons why the minivans do this bad in a test like this. They are heavier than a normal car, and the platforms they are build on are not as wide as the car. That leaves the car with some large areas that are less able to absorb a crash when the car hits something else – like i.e. another car.