‘Moments’ – A new Facebook app that will recognize you and your friends

A new Facebook app called ”Moments” is now available for download for free in the Apple and Google app stores.

One of the cool things about this app is that it uses Facebook’s facial recognition software that makes Facebook tag you and your friend directly on your phone and put the images into folders ready to post with one click on your smart-phone.

The idea comes from Facebook because they know that many images are hidden in the camera roll on your smart-phone. Facebook really likes you to share your photos with other users on the greatest network of all times, and that´s why they invented this new app which is totally free to download and to use.

Some people find Facebook’s facial recognition a little bit creepy, and if you are one of those people thinking that this has gone too far, you can simply choose not to use this feature.

If you like the idea of Facebook recognizing you and your friends on your phone – just go ahead and download the free version.

The images from your camera will only be shared with your friends meaning that nothing will be shown public. If you like one of your friend´s photos of you, you can simply download it and post it to the public.