Netflix now shoots their TV series in Ultra HD

Netflix, which distributes movies and TV shows online will from now on shoot all their own series in Ultra HD also called 4K, which should be completely new to the Internet TV world.

Until now, TV viewers have not been used to this high quality, so there is something to look forward to for the many viewers who subscribe to Netflix.

Netflix says that Ultra HD is here to stay, so they are not afraid to shoot all their TV series in this format. And one of the most important things is that viewers are ready to receive Ultra HD, so there should not be any problems at all.

It is more expensive to record and publish in Ultra HD, so the price of the subscription will increase, but it only applies to those who have not already accessed Ultra HD. Those who have already accessed will continue at the same price for at least two years. Those who in the future will have Ultra HD, have to upgrade to a “platinum” $ 11.99 plan.