Netflix passwords are being shared among users

If you are using Netflix – you are not alone, of course. And if you are sharing your account with others – then you are still not alone.

Many of us are sharing one Netflix account among friends and family. In fact only 35 percent of Netflix´ users claimed to be the sole user of the account — 30 percent shared it with one other person, 16 percent with two people, and 19 percent shared it with three or more, according to NBC News.

Netflix are apparently fine with the sharing of usernames and passwords as long as that can see that their user base keeps growing. Of course they won´t allow ten different people in ten different households using the same account, but as long as it´s stays in the family it´s not a big problem according to Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings.

The Netflix service has just passed 65 million subscribers globally, and as long as it grows this common practice is likely to stay that way.