Online harassment is a huge problem

Online harassmentOnline harassment, that can be many different things, is a bigger problem than many of us may think it is.

In example 1 in 5 Americans has, according to a new study, been victim of some different forms og online harassment.

Physical threats can be one of the worst online harassments, but sexual harassment or stalking is also on top of the list when it comes to what people experience online when other people will hurt them.

There is no doubt that these online harassments really do hurt people, but what can we do to avoid them in the future?

According to the study, most of the participants said that companies, like Facebook and so on, should be the ones with the responsibility, meaning that they should act if they see any online harassment.

In this study half of 30- to 49-year old people have been harassed online, which should make anybody stop and think if they could to something to stop online harassment themselves.