Password-free system by Google is a smart choise

Passwords can be hard to remember if you are using a different one on every site you have a login to.

That’s why Google, the web giant, is about to launch a new password free system that will allow you to login to Google by using your email address and a smart phone.

It may sound a little unsafe, but it´s really a lot safer than using passwords like “123456” or “pizza” because these passwords are too easy to crack for people who wants to do that and the new system can help protect against phishing schemes designed to trick users into unknowingly handing their personal details to hackers.

The new system works like this:

Instead of giving Google your email and password when you are logging in, you´ll only have to plot in your email – Then Google will send you a message asking you if you are trying to login to Google. If you say “yes” they will provide you with a password to login to Google.

This is a safer and a more user friendly way of handling passwords and we are most likely going to see more of this in the future from other big companies.

Actually – Google isn´t the first one doing this.

Yahoo in October 2015 updated iOS and Android apps with a new authentication system that uses push notifications to verify you. The blogging site Medium launched a similar system in June that lets you sign in using just an email address.