Passwords: How to avoid yours from getting stolen

Cyber SecurityWhen it comes to online security we all know that passwords are very important. It´s important to choose a strong one that is hard for cyber thieves to figure out, and there are a few other things that are important as well to keep these cyber thieves away from your accounts on the internet.

Choosing a strong password isn´t that hard, but you do have to change it quite often to make sure that it´s safe for you to use. Don´t ever use a password like i.e. “password”. This password is used by many all over the internet, and it´s isn´t hard to believe that it one of the easier passwords to hack for the thieves out there.

Password managers like Dashlane, LastPass and RoboForm can be smart to use because they handle all the “hard work”. All you need to remember is the password to the manager, but you really do need to make it a good and strong one.

Now that we know how important a strong password is, and how important it is to change it very often, it´s also important to understand that you never ever should click a link in an email. Many of us do it every day, but that doesn´t change the fact that it´s one of the most used ways to get your credentials by using different phishing techniques.

A lot of real companies do send out real emails with real links, but as well as that´s a fact, many of the emails in your inbox is sent out by cyber thieves just waiting for you to click!

To round it up, there is no doubt that you never want cyber thieves to get into your account like i.e. your Facebook account or your PayPal account. So remember to change your password, make it a strong one, and never click on links in emails.