Pipeline accident in California – 21,000 gallons of oil spilled

There has been an accident in California where a pipeline with oil has burst. 21,000 gallons of oil has been spilled into the Pacific Ocean.

Boats from the nonprofit collective Clean Seas helped with the removal of the oil. They had troubles removing all of the oil from the water because some of it was too close to the shore, but the managed to get 850 gallons of oil out of the water.

The serious accident happened on the same stretch as another big spill in 1969 where many birds and sea mammals where killed from the oil.

Fan Yang, 26, of Indianapolis, stood on a bluff overlooking the beach, where the stench of petroleum was heavy.

“It smells like what they use to pave the roads,” said Yang, who was hoping to find cleaner beaches in Santa Barbara. “I’m sad for the birds — if they lose their habitat.”

After the spill fishing and shellfish harvesting has been closed for miles east and west of the beach where the accident happened.