Protect yourself against Russian hackers

There is a good chance that someone you know or maybe yourself is among the 1.2 billion people who has got there usernames and passwords stolen by Russian Criminals.

You don´t have to panic, but if you see strange messages being sent from your social media account or your email, you will have to act by changing your password to something smarter. As a rule it´s smart to have different passwords to different accounts because it makes it harder for the criminals to hack. Also you will have to change password every six month to make it even more difficult for the criminals.

A good advice is to use long passwords because it makes it even harder for computer programs to hack. It could be something like (“I Need 2 Spend Less Time On Social Media”). This password is simple and easy to remember, but because it´s long it´s hard for the computer programs to hack.

There are some good old tips to protect you from hackers. One of them is to use antivirus software – and to remember to update it. Another good advice is to make sure that you see the “HTTPS” in the address line when you create a new password or change it.

At last; when it´s about online safety it comes down to common sense. Never download files from sources that you don´t know. Be sure to check where a link takes you before clicking on it. Never respond to emails which is wildly ungrammatical and offering you access to Viagra or secret Nigerian bank accounts.