Self-driven cars are still not popular according to new survey

Many of us are not so sure that we would prefer a self-driven car instead of a normal car. That´s what a new survey shows.

The survey conducted by the University of Michigan’s Transport Research Institute reports that 44 percent of us would not prefer a self-driven car as personal vehicle, while 41 percent of us would like to have some kind of control over the car. Only around 15 percent said that they were completely fine with a self-driven car in this survey.

In this survey most women an older people didn´t like the idea of totally self-driven cars while men and younger respondents were more likely to favor self-driving cars of both totally and partially autonomous types.

The online survey was conducted in June with 505 licensed drivers of various ages, locations and incomes, according to NBC News.

In the future we are most likely going to see a change in these statistics because we will change our view on self-driven cars as well as we change views on all other sorts of things.