Self-driven cars from Google are very safe, but they are often involved in accidents

Google´s self-driven cars are very safe – even though the cars have been involved in 14 accidents since they started driving around in the US. According to the self-driven cars have never coursed an accident.

You may think that self-driven, automated cars are very dangerous, but because they never gets tired they are not as dangerous as a human being:

“Our self-driving cars can pay attention to hundreds of objects at once, 360 degrees in all directions, and they never get tired, irritable or distracted,” the project’s director, Chris Urmson, concludes.

In each and every instance Google´s cars were hit by another car and in 11 of the 14 accidents it has been a rear-endings.

Until recently, it’s been hard to make such comparisons because national crash rates have been calculated with police-reported accidents – even though there are millions of unreported fender benders every year, Urmson writes.

10,000 – that´s how many miles Google´s cars are driving per week – which is the same as a typical American adult drives in a year. This helps getting a more accurate picture of crash frequency, and how to avoid accidents according to