Self driven Tesla in new lethal accident

Tesla MotorsSelf driven cars like Tesla´s Model S are very smart cars that can drive on auto pilot in most situations – But are these cars even too smart?

The question has been raised a lot of times in the US, but the fact that the cars are still on the road tells us that they are smart enough to pass the “safety check” even though accidents involving self driven cars are happening from time to another.

Not very long ago a Tesla Model S, driven by a man called Joshua Brown, was fatally crashing into a trailer of a truck that pulled across its lanes of traffic at an intersection.

Joshua Brown was warned 7 times by the Tesla to put his hands on the wheel, but it didn´t make him take control over the self driven car right away.

A National Transportation Safety Board report on the deadly crash also found that Brown had his hands on the wheel of the Tesla (TSLA) Model S for 25 seconds out of 37 minutes that the car was on autopilot, according to


It´s times like these you ask yourself if the digital world is about to take over. It happens over and over again that electronics like cars, mobiles etc. takes life from people. Is this really the way we want it to be?