Turn off content sniffing features on your Smart TV

When you buy a new TV you really want to get it up and running as fast as possible, right? Most of us would say “yes” to that question.

The problem when you want to do things fast is usually that you make mistakes and that´s what happens in many cases when people come home with their new TV. They forget to read all the privacy policies. This can course that the Smart TV will be able to identify what viewers are watching, then send that information in real time to the TV manufacturers’ third-party vendors.

Many of us wouldn´t want others to know what we are watching, so maybe it´s time for you to take a closer look at your Smart TV´s settings. There are ways to shut down the content sniffing features.

So if you forgot to opt out of these technologies when installing you new Smart TV – don´t panic. There are ways to do this later on by accessing your TV´s menu settings.