Twitter has been hacked – 32 million passwords leaked

It´s difficult to say if you have to be worried about things like this, but it might be a good idea to listen closely if you are using Twitter – and especially if you are using the same password on Twitter as you are using on other sites.

Lately 32 million records, including passwords has been received by LeakedSource, but Twitter says that their site hasn´t been hacked. LeakedSource said the passwords were most likely collected over time by malware-infected browsers that sent saved passwords to hackers.

Twitter are surely taking things like this very seriously: “We’ve been working to help keep accounts protected by checking our data against what’s been shared from recent other password leaks,” the company said in a statement to

According to NBCNews many of these 32 million passwords are very old and most of them are associated with Russian accounts – so there is most likely no reason to panic about this.

The best way to make sure your accounts on the internet are not hacked is to use different unique passwords on every site that you are using. Changing passwords on the internet often is a great idea even though it can be a bit challenging.