Undersea internet cable to be built by Microsoft and Facebook

Facebook and Microsoft have made an agreement about connecting the United States with southern Europe with a 6,600 kilometer cable that will make high-speed cloud and online services faster than ever.

The plan is to start the project called “MAREA” in August this year, 2016, and the project is planned to end around October 2017.

The project will be operated and managed by Telefonica SA’s telecoms infrastructure unit Telxius. The cable is initially designed to carry 160 terabits of data per second, the companies said.

It´s not the first time someone thinks about doing something like this, but it has never been done before between the United States and southern Europe. But Google Inc., now Alphabet Inc, agreed with five Asian companies to invest about $300 million to develop and operate a trans-Pacific cable network connecting the United States to Japan from about two years ago.

The huge cost associated with cooling datacenters that generate a lot of heat, is expected to be reduced when using cable connections.