United Kingdom is out of EU

United Kingdom is out of the European Union, EU.

Never before have so many citizens found their way to the ballot boxes In England. There was a turnout of voters that has never been seen before in English history and most of these voters wanted to get out of the EU. The “leave-side” has got 51.9 % of the votes and the “remain-side” got just 48.1 % of the votes meaning that United Kingdom is out of the EU.

Actually this means that the “leave-site” has a lead of about 1 million of the English voters.

This is the first time ever that a nation leaves the EU. United Kingdom has been in EU for several years -Actually 43 years has passed, but David Cameron wanted to make everybody happy, and that´s why he made the decision that there should be this election so that the English citizens could take the choice on their own. And that what they did – meaning goodbye to EU.

It is assessed by economists that the resignation will have major consequences for growth, exports and employment in Europe, as England was the second most powerful nation economically in the EU.