Video games makes teens better in school

Teenagers and video games go hand in hand. And you might think that the teens should do something better with their lives like i.e. studying their homework.

But a new study shows that gaming actually does make your kid smarter in school because video games are all about figuring out how to finish the game. And on the way of finishing the game they will have to do some quit difficult math, reading and science.

“When you play online games you’re solving puzzles to move to the next level and that involves using some of the general knowledge and skills in maths, reading and science that you’ve been taught during the day,” Alberto Posso, a professor from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology wrote in the report.

Posso examined the habits and test scores of 12,000 Australian 15-year-olds, using their performance on the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment (known as Pisa) as the benchmark according to

The study shows that teens who have gaming as a daily habit performed 17 points above average on science and 15 points higher on math and reading, according to the study.

To compare video gaming and social media it´s possible to see that teens who were highly active on social media scored 4 percent below average.

“It is possible that children who are already gifted in the areas of math, science, and reading are also more likely to play online games and children with lower academic abilities spend more time socializing,” Posso said.