Vurb wants to take over Googles position on mobile

It’s probably not easy to replace Google with a new search engine, but the new app Vurb, by Lo, will do its best to replace the large search engine, Google, at least on mobile.

When it comes to searching and ranking the billions of pages, Google is just the best, but maybe Vurb will take over Google position on mobile.

Vurb launches their new app on the Apple app store, but it will also soon be available for Android as well.

The smart thing about Vurb is that you don´t need to use a lot of different apps to be able to get information about a lot of things. Today Vurb obtains information from 30 of the most popular apps, and you don´t even need to install these apps on your phone to get the information from the apps.

Another trick that Vurb does is to make it very simple to share what you are doing with your friends.

“The other pain-point Vurb solves for is sharing all that information with friends. Right now, you’re usually forced to text all sorts of updates to friends. With our app, you just share the card that has all the information you’ve dug up,” says Lo, whose four-year-old company so far has raised $10 million.