Windows 10´s secret Start Menu – and how to access it

If you didn´t notice it – We can tell you that Windows 10 is here.

And people are loving it, because it´s not Windows 8. It was released around the starting of August and there have sure been a few bumps on the road for Windows, but the overall response to Windows 10 is very good most likely because some of the old features are back.

One of the most “hot” topics when people talk about Windows 10 is the Start Menu. It´s back to basics, but with a new hidden feature, that you maybe didn´t know about before you read this.

If you right click the Start Menu you will see a new panel of shortcuts that gives you access to things like the Event Viewer, Task Manager, Control Panel, File Explorer and more.

It might sound like a simple thing, but many people don´t know about it. And because it gives you access to a range of common functions we thought that you would like to try it out.