Yahoo starts new partnership with Mozilla Firefox

Usually most people who want to search for something on the internet go to to start the search.

Until now Google´s deal with Firefox maker Mozilla Corp has been that Firefox uses Google´s search engine in the top bar of their browser.

But now Yahoo Inc has made a deal with Firefox that they are going to be the new default search engine in the Firefox browser in the U.S. Yahoo´s Chief Executive, Marissa Mayer, says that they are looking forward to take a look at the boost that this deal hopefully will give Yahoo.

The deal is set to start in December 2014 and will last for five years according to Yahoo. The Yahoo web search results will continue to be powered by Microsoft because they have made a 10-year partnership that they began in 2010.

Last month Google´s Chrome browser was the leader with 33.5 percent of U.S. browser market on desktop PCs, mobile smart-phones and tablets. Firefox had 10.4 percent of that market.